A simple concept from CST (at least simple at its most basic) provides a particularly important evaluative tool. Capacitance is a generic measure for how much of the stuff of life a system can hold/tolerate before being overwhelmed. Think of a balloon. Capacitance describes the size of the balloon, the “volume” of life a system can handle before things become too much.  (See

Cultural Maturity is Capacitance-dependant. High Capacitance systems in our time will generally already be bringing culturally mature sensibilities to bear (though they need not be aware they are), or, with a little help, they can at least relatively easily learn to do so (and will generally be grateful for the help).  Low Capacitance systems will have a hard time grasping the importance of culturally mature perspective even when it is eloquently articulated and will often respond reactively to culturally mature propositions. (Culturally Mature perspective pushes the system beyond its available Capacitance and it responds protectively.)

Important Questions:  How much Capacitance does a system have and is it sufficient to support culturally mature perspective?  At what Capacitance level does a particular idea or approach engage?