Rethinking Truth Itself

Cultural Maturity alters not just the truths our thinking produces, but our understanding of truth itself. The historical leap in understanding that took us beyond the superstitions of the Middle Ages and gave us European Enlightenment perspective—thanks to the contributions of individuals like Michelangelo, Leonardo, Galileo, Newton, and Descartes—changed not only in what we believed, but in how we actually thought. In a similar way, we can make sense of everything about today’s needed “growing up” —what it asks of us, why it asks of us what it does, and why the changes it describes are things we might expect—in terms of specific changes in how we understand. These are changes as fundamental and significant as those that brought us our Modern Age—arguably more so. The resulting worldview is more humble, but also, ultimately, more powerful and complete. It not only makes our times similarly understandable, it puts the human enterprise as a whole in larger perspective.